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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Golden Goose of Gun Rights

There seems to be increased interest in legislation to enhance our gun rights and our right to self defense such as HR 47. While this particular piece of legislation appears to be the Golden Goose of Gun Rights, it does have a flaw that could make it unconstitutional in that it provides for the ability to sue any state in any federal court. This would be in violation of the Eleventh Amendment unless the state you sued was the state you were a resident of and you brought suit aginst that state in federal court in that state.

With no provision in this law to make the remainder of it effective if a portion of it were declaired unconstitutional, it would fall to the first challenge.

The best and only proper destiny for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, along with our uneneumerated Right to Self Defense, is to have all infringing law repealed or declaired unconstitutional.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Condi Rice Has Made it!

Condi Rice gets the same disrespect, condescension, and disregard all conservatives get. Racism is dead!


Sunday, January 16, 2005

We Should Learn A Lesson From The Left

One tactic of the left to ruin gun manufacturers, distributors, and dealers is to drag them into court and bankrupt them with attorney fees. Conservatives should start dragging state and local legislators and other officials into court for violating US Code , Title 18, ยง 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law.

It would seem to me that just about every resident of every state that has unconstitutional gun laws could press charges in federal court aginst every legislator, judge, and law enforcement officer who either passed, enforced, or convicted someone for violation of any of those unconstitutional laws.

I believe a flood of lawsuits aginst these people might effect some positive changes! Please note that it is unconstitutional for an individual to sue a state, but that state officials are fair game!

Here is a link to the code:


Saturday, January 15, 2005

Why Liberals Want Gun Controll

This is an excellent article, pointing out the true intent of liberalism. If we can protect, provide for, and guide ourselves, we have no need for them to be in power. They would have to find more gainful employment.


We the People retain our weapons to the end of securing our rights and freedom for when governments fail or ignore or endeavor to usurp or delete those rights and freedoms.

Friday, January 14, 2005

HR - 47

This looks like it might be good legislation. It doesn't appear to be a patch on our RKBA, but actual teeth!
Here is a link to an article at about it.


"I pledge allegiance to the rights that made and keep me free. I will preserve and defend those rights for all who live in this, the country founded on the belief and principles that those rights are inalienable and essential to the pursuit and preservation of life, liberty, and happiness." B.E.Wood

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Brady Campaign/MMM rate Oklahoma (this is funny!)

From the Brady/MMM release:

Gun violence in Oklahoma could increase in 2005 because Congress failed to renew the federal assault weapon ban, which expired last fall, and Oklahoma has no state law restricting assault weapons or rapid fire ammunition magazines. Oklahoma does not require background checks at gun shows, does not hold adults responsible for leaving loaded guns around children, does not require child-safety locks to be sold with guns, does not have any handgun safety standards and even forces police to let people carry hidden handguns in public. On a positive note, Oklahoma does regulate the sale or possession of guns for kids.

Help me! Help me! Help me! I can't breathe! OH, HHAAA HAAA HAAA! - GASP - HAAA HAAAhAAAaaaa....
From the Brady/MMM release....HHAAA HAAA HAAA! HHAAA HAAA HAAA! HAAA HAAAhAAAaaaa....
"Oklahoma has no state law restricting assault weapons or rapid fire ammunition magazines." .....................BoooWAHHAAAA HHAAA HAAA HAAA! HHAAA HAAA HAAA! HAAA HAAAhAAAaaaa.... GaasP!!! OOOHHHHhhh.... Why aren't these people writing for Leno or Letterman?


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What's wrong with this?

Regarding the killing of the thief who robbed Trung Nham Duong's store the other day, District Attorney Wes Lane said that while he has no sympathy for thieves, the law doesn't allow the killing of unarmed shoplifters.

Well, Wes, the law doesn't allow anything. Laws DISallow things. A look at the definition of manslaughter in the first degree in the Oklahoma Statutes 21-711.3 reads: (Manslaughter in the first degree defined) "When perpetrated unnecessarily either while resisting an attempt by the person killed to commit a crime, or after such attempt shall have failed." OK, we can ignore the last part because the crook didn't fail in his attempt. That leaves the first part to discuss. Was it necessary to shoot the crook to stop the crime? Obviously, the crook was still running away with the stolen goods when Trung shot him. It will be necessary for Wes Lane to prove that shooting the crook WAS unnecessary to stop the crime.

A look at 21-1289.16 will show that pointing a firearm in defense of one's property with intention of discharging the firearm is not unlawful. A decent lawyer should be able to quash this travestry before it goes to court. Please note that I like Wes Lane, voted for him, but I believe he is wrong to bring any charges upon Trung.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Police State Training/Indoctrination

I've come to the conclusion that ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES in our schools are meant more to indoctrinate our youth to a police state mentality than to protect them. I believe our freedoms and rights are being attacked with this policy. It is another avenue of incrementalism we all should pay more attention to.

Take note of how, step by step, the states and the federal government have attacked our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. First, it was 'no carrying arms in town', then the 1934 taxation and registration of machine guns, the Firearm Owner's and Protection Act of 1968, the The 1986 Amendments to the Gun Control Act, and then the 'Assault Weapons Ban' (AWB). That is how these ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES will eventually lead to the nanny state and the collapse of any adherence to the Constitution and its protection of our many rights.

Like the verbose of us who stopped the extension of the AWB, we all need to get to these school board meetings and voice our opinions as to the folly and societal damage these ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES present. When these elected officials refuse to do what's right, VOTE THEM OUT!