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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

George Bush Right On Target!

I'm proud of our president and all he has accomplished around the world with the devoted help of our troops. This is a man who will take on the bull, by the horns, and win. The problems with Social Security, taxes, and hopefully our rights should get some long needed attention.

I'm taking bets on the sincerity of Nancy Pelosi with respect to her statement that the Democrats have taken the oath to protect our rights and civil liberties. My money says it is flatulence from the left's bovine sphincter.

Harry Reid spoke of how we need to spur the education of our youth........Of course he says this after his party has done everything possible to spur the dumbing down of our youth. That vast left wing conspiracy that has educated our youth into ignorance of our history, ignorance of the Constitution, and ignorance of the principles that made this country the greatest in the world - wants to continue to teach our youth their way. Not a chance in Hell, Harry. You'll not get another chance to gamble away the future of this country by indoctrinating our youth to a course of reliance on the government, giving up rights, destruction of traditional values and marrage, and freedom debilitating taxation. Not as long as there are people like George W. Bush around. Liberalism has failed, its results have failed, and it belongs in the dust bin with communism, socialism, marxism, and all the other failed or soon to fail systems of government in the world.

The only secure, steadfast, successful, and everlasting government is the constitutional republic. It's the only form of government that can oblige and elevate a self-disciplined, self-reliant, principled and hohorable people. Adhearance to the Constitution is essential. Without adhearance, chaos and anarchy lies on the one hand. Tyranny and subjugation lies on the other. As a free people, we must choose.



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