Constitution Cowboy

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

5-4 Decision Has International Foreboding For RKBA

Justice Kennedy admitted international influence in his decision on ruling the death penalty unconstitutional for anyone convicted of murder for a murder committed prior to their Eighteenth birthday.

Any of the justices who sided with Kennedy on this need to be impeached. These justices took the oath as required by Article VI, Section 3, to support the Constitution. Article III lays out the scope of their power. It is limited to the Constitution and laws of the United States, or any treaties made. If these justices can't find something in the Constitution to support their views, that's just tough.

Where do they even get off allowing and drawing upon their personal views to influence a decision in the first place? They were supposed to have been put their because they could adjudicate in accordance with the Constitution and not be influenced by their personal views!

For Kennedy to come out and openly admit his agenda shows just how stupid this man is to admit wrong doing and how little regard he has for the Constitution and the oath he took! He actually believes he was put there because of his opinions, his agendas, and believes he has the power in his position to implement those opinions and agendas!

There is no way any of this can be considered "good behavior". In my view, these actions are treasonable. But, the mere disregard for the Constitution and the oath are, either one, demonstrably not good behavior, and therefore, impeachable offenses.

Now, imagine the definitive Second Amendment case coming before the Supreme Court, still populated with the likes of Justices Kennedy, O'Connor, and Ginsburg, who have all admitted to an interest in international influence in considering cases. Don't all of you think we should be writing all our congress critters and put our bent into their minds that these errant justices should be impeached? Shouldn't we be reminding them they took an oath same as those justices? Shouldn't we tell them if they will not do the right thing that we will vote for those who will? Or, that we will run for the office they now hold so that we might do it ourselves?

I cannot think of anything more important to our Right to Keep and Bear Arms to prevent having to loose its extreme definitive purpose to preserve it. Impeach these justices so that we might be forever able to keep and bear our arms!